Sunday, October 5, 2014

All About That Bass?

Say whaaaaaat?

In my opinion, it is NEVER okay to call a woman fat. Ever. But when did it become okay to put down "skinny" girls? I'm thin, but I'm certainly not healthy. If you told me to go run a mile, I'd probably have a heart attack around lap number two. Yes, I may be "lucky" to appear thin. But I could go on and on about the things I don't like about my body just like any other girl.

What really matters is HEALTH! And confidence!

Back to the picture. Real men like curves? And dogs go for bones? This not only compares thin girls to a pile of bones, it also says that guys who like that body type are dogs. That's not kind either!

A real woman doesn't need to validate herself by putting another woman down. A real woman is confident enough to love herself and build others up!

So let's celebrate women with junk in all the right places. 

And let's also celebrate women who wish they had a little more junk in the trunk ;)

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